Danger Hardcore Team is a Belgian Hardcore formation that was originated by a group of friends in 1995. DJ Bass (Bas van Tilburg) & MC Jerky (Flor Theeuwes a.k.a. Da Rick)  & friends started to produce & perfor
m hardcore music for their own label: Danger Hardcore Tracks..
With their first release: Alone & Jumpin' Time in 1997 the label and live act was launched BIG into the world.
The Danger Hardcore Team live act became legendary all over the hardcore planet.
Mega events like: Thunderdome, Megarave & Hardcore Overdrive gave thousands of people a chance to see and hear the Belgian hardcore sound.
Danger Hardcore Tracks brings you Hardcore but often with a big PARTY sound!
Many of the Danger Hardcore Team songs became huge anthems and are still being played all the time.